Ultrasonic Cavitation – Effective Disposal of Extra Centimeters

body ultrasound cavitation

At the modern pace of life, we often forget about proper nutrition, snack on the go, there are fast foods and other meal in the diet that contribute to the deposition of the fat. In the absence of the necessary amount of physical exercises, constant sedentary work – the result will not take long to wait, we are disappointed in our body, we begin to think about how to get rid of extra centimeters. Someone immediately goes to the gym. But somebody has no time for this and the results do not always meet expectations. How often did it happen that even after regular exercise, you are still not satisfied with your body? Surely, this happened to many of us. And the fact is that it is very difficult to find the right exercises aimed precisely at those problem areas that you would like to get rid of. There is a solution to this problem. And this is a procedure called ultrasonic cavitation.

Today, more and more resort clients use the hardware body correction, because only this way you can achieve the desired result. The method of ultrasonic cavitation is the effect of an acoustic wave on fat, during which specific bubbles are formed in the fat cells. Over time, they increase and burst, thereby thinning the fat, displacing it into the extracellular fluid. Then the fat is excreted from the body for about 7 days. You can see the effect after the first procedure since up to 15% of fat can be excreted during one session. 90% of the total amount goes through the lymph, 10% through the blood. In addition, you will get an additional effect, as blood and lymph are purified.

Ultrasonic cavitation of the body is a completely safe procedure. Moreover, it is also a pleasant feeling for the patient, no pain or discomfort. You get the following results:

  • centimeters loss;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • taut skin;
  • general rejuvenation.

Do not expect that the weight will decrease significantly, because fat is a fairly light substance. But customer reviews show that the loss of volumes is visible even to the naked eye.

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