Prices for stay in hotel Naftusya (Truskavets)

Hot offer!
Discount – 20% for rooms of category “Luxe”.
When booking from 5 days.

Room category:from 25.12.21 to 14.01.22from 15.01.22 to 30.09.22
Standart  800 800
Halfluxe 1100 1100
Luxe 1250 1250
Suite Superior 1500 1500
Extra bed(1 person) 200 200
Children under 6 years old free free

Additionally, a tourist fee is paid. 8 UAH per person per day


Dining:Cost: adult / baby
Three times 290 / 240
Breakfast 100 / 80
 Lunch 110 / 90
Dinner 80 / 70

* — the cost is indicated in UAH subject to the placement of 2 people in the room.
Check-in time 14:00
Check-out time 12:00

Room Prices in Truskavets: the Formation Factor

The tourism industry depends on seasonality. Each resort, whether it is Ukraine, Turkey or exotic countries, has its peak season and a decline in attendance. At sea resorts, weather conditions most often affect this criterion. If we consider the seasonality in the balneological resort of Truskavets, the peak is the period of the New Year holidays and from April to October. There are more visitors of the city during this period. This trend has contributed to the formation of prices for rest in Truskavets. The price in the so-called high season is higher.

In many ways, the prices of rooms in Truskavets also depend on the class of the hotel, as well as the services included in the price. Naturally, accommodation with three meals a day and included medical services costs more. It is necessary to consider the goals of your stay at the resort, as well as your personal preferences.

Hotel “Naftusya” in Truskavets: Prices and What They Depend on

If you have chosen the comfortable and cozy mini-hotel “Naftusya” among the whole variety of sanatoriums and hotel complexes in Truskavets, the affordable room rates will be a pleasant addition to the choice. It is worth considering that prices also depend on seasonality. The site describes in detail the prices for each room category, depending on what time of year you plan to visit Truskavets. The price does not include meals. You can choose meals for yourself. This can be a full ration or just breakfast/lunch/dinner. Visitor reviews show that such a scheme is very convenient for visitors since everyone can choose a convenient option.

The location of the complex also affects the prices of hotel rooms in Truskavets. Often, hotels located in the city center, deliberately overstate the cost. But the price of the room at the hotel “Naftusya” is more than affordable and fully justified by the quality of service. And this is despite the fact that it is located in the heart of the resort. There is the main square not far from the hotel, the lower pump room, souvenir market, church, and many other attractions.

We advise you to book a room in the hotel “Naftusya” in advance since such a profitable offer is quickly sold out. This can be done through the booking form on the website or by calling the reservation department.

Tourist tax in the amount of 1% of the entire period of residence cost (according to Art. 268 of the Tax Code of Ukraine) is paid additionally.
If there is a free room, it is possible to pay the amount of early check-in (50% of the daily room rate) and to check in before the specified time.
When leaving later than the specified time, it is possible to pay the amount of late check-out (50% of the daily room rate).
Extra bed for children under 6 years old in the same room with parents is free of charge.
Pets are not allowed.

Please call for reservations:

Tel: +38 (097) 744 22 77

Tel: +38 (050) 508 05 30



Марія Смикова

Щойно повернулись з Трускавця. Хочемо подякувати готелю Нафтуся за теплий прийом, чудовий сервіс та гарний вікенд. Повернемось до вас знову!

Оксана Лошкарева

Решили вместо моря и переполненной Одессы поехать в Трускавец. Забронировали отель Нафтуся наперед. Номеров было много. Заселили нас даже раньше, чем в 2 часа. Сервис отличный, номера чистые, завтраки вкусные. В отеле есть бассейн, сауна, массажный кабинет, косметолог, врач. Мы мало времени проводили в отеле, так как постоянно гуляли. Но во всем довольны.

Людмила Петришин

Готель невеликий, і в цьому його плюс. Немає великих скупчень людей, які сьогодні варто уникати. В ресторані на сніданок часом було більше людей, але столики розташовані далеко один від одного.


Если вы ищете спокойствие и просто отель – вам сюда. Если же вы едите в Трускавец на лечение, то тут вам предложат немного процедур. Но рядом есть поликлиника, в которой есть кабинеты врачей разной специальности.