The List of Treatments in the Beauty Salon “Mary Cohr”


Treatment Price
Facial (manual/hardware/combi) 60 min. 250 UAH
Face and Decollete Area Classic Massage 30 min. 120 UAH
Face and Decollete Area Plastic Massage 30 min. 120 UAH
Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Face and Decollete Area 20 min. 120 UAH
Therapeutic Jacquet Facial Massage 15 min. 90 UAH
Face and Decollete Area Cryomassage 15 min. 90 UAH
Head Cryomassage 15 min. 90 UAH
Back Cryomassage 20 min. 120 UAH


Mary Cohr Masks

Treatment Price
Prevention of Dehydration and Signs of Fatigue (moisturizing mask) 30 min. 130 UAH
“Ice Cube Effect” to strengthen the skin from the inside (lifting effect mask) 30 min. 130 UAH
“Sebostop” Restoring Complex (normalizing mask) 30 min. 130 UAH
SOS for Sensitive Skin (soothing mask) 30 min. 130 UAH
The Softness and Healthy Glow of your skin in just 20 min. (nutritional mask) 30 min. 130 UAH
Natural Beauty (mask with five plant extracts) 30 min. 220 UAH


Mary Cohr Treatment

Treatment Price
Catio Lift (release of toxins, muscle stimulation, lifting massage) 60 min.580 UAH
Peel & Lift (fruit acid peeling, deep regeneration massage, lifting mask with vitamin C) 60 min. 600 UAH
Beauty Lifting (wrinkle smoothing with hyaluronic acid, lifting massage, firming mask) 60 min. 600 UAH


Catio Vital (Mary Cohr) Care

Treatment Price
Dry Skin 60 min. 600 UAH
Sensitive Skin 60 min. 600 UAH
Dehydrated Skin 60 min. 600 UAH
Oily and Problem Skin 60 min. 600 UAH
Aging Skin 60 min. 600 UAH
Pigmented Skin 60 min. 600 UAH
“Express Care” 90 min. 800 UAH
“Superlift” 90 min. 800 UAH
Age Repair (anti-aging care) 70 min. 900 UAH
Eye Repair (anti-aging care for the eye contour) 40 min. 650 UAH



Cavitation is liposuction with ultrasound. Today, cavitation is the most effective technology in the field of cosmetology for the removal of body fat, cellulite treatment, and body shaping. The method of treatment is based on a non-surgical, absolutely painless and safe way to destroy fatty tissue in any parts of the body.

Treatment Price
1 zone (hands/hips/buttocks/belly) 30 min. 300 UAH
Belly + Waist 40 min. 400 UAH
Belly + Hips + Buttocks 50 min. 550 UAH
Whole Body (hips+buttocks+belly+waist+hands) 80 min. 800 UAH


Radio Lifting

Radio lifting is a non-invasive tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. The principle of RF lifting (radio lifting) is based on the contact effect of a high-frequency electric field for the purpose of controlled heating of the dermis and subcutaneous fat. As a result, a certain temperature regime is created, which gives a strong push for fibroblast development (the main skin cells). The rapid effect is due to the controlled contraction of the collagen fibers of the skin, which leads to the visible result of a tightening immediately after the procedure. The delayed effect is achieved due to the fact that the heating of the dermis to certain temperatures triggers a number of compensatory mechanisms, including a proliferation of fibroblasts, an increase in local blood circulation and accelerated production of three-dimensional neo-collagen, characteristic of young skin.

Duration Price
10 min. 200 UAH
20 min. 250 UAH
30 min. 300 UAH
40 min. 350 UAH



Treatment Price
Enzyme 150 UAH
Azelaic 250 UAH
Glycolic 250 UAH
Phytin 250 UAH
Jessner Peeling (Hollywood) 350 UAH


Hand and Foot Care

Treatment Price
Paraffin Hand Therapy 30 min. 100 UAH
Paraffin Foot Therapy 30 min. 100 UAH


Non-invasive Carboxytherapy – Use the Latest Achievements of Cosmetology for the Treatment and Rejuvenation of the Skin!


Young and healthy skin – aren’t women dreaming of this? Now this dream can finally be realized without the need to endure the pain and consequences of the injections. And not least, you get instant results!
This “magic”, in fact, is the result of the processes that molecular CO2 (carbon dioxide) triggers in our skin.
Our beauty salon gives its customers the opportunity to take advantage of the unique possibilities of carboxytherapy!
At the same time, it is not necessary to endure injections, there is no risk of complications (as with the injection of carbon dioxide), the procedure is pleasant and safe. Many leading cosmetologists consider non-injecting carboxytherapy an aesthetic medicine breakthrough, comparable in significance with the invention of Botox.


What Problems can be Solved Using the Method of Non-invasive Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy course successfully fights with:

  • photo-aging and age-related changes of the skin – dry skin;
  • loss of elasticity, lethargy, flabbiness of the skin – deep and superficial wrinkles;
  • acne and post-acne (blemishes, marks, acne scars) – hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • dark circles and bags under the eyes – vascular changes;
  • oily skin – gray, dull complexion.



With age, and also under the influence of other internal and external adverse factors, the vessels lose their tone, weaken, and trophic tissue inevitably deteriorates. The skin cells do not get the amount of oxygen and other nutrients they need.

As a result, we observe the consequences of malfunctioning at the cellular level: slowing down the metabolic processes, reducing enzyme activity, reducing cellular activity, impaired blood circulation in the skin and, consequently, skin color deterioration, premature and skin aging.

During non-injecting carboxytherapy, the skin is saturated with molecular CO2, which is formed when the components are mixed.

Molecular CO2 is able to penetrate the surface layer of the skin into the blood vessels very well and increase the fluidity of blood, stimulate interstitial respiration, blood circulation even in the smallest capillaries, which significantly increases blood oxygen saturation and activates cellular metabolism. Thus, the skin receives a powerful stimulus to activate intracellular processes and tissue regeneration.


The cost of the treatment is 650 UAH.


Body Treatments

Cleansing, nutrition, and hydration – all this is undoubtedly very important for the skin, and our beauty salon gives you the opportunity to choose exactly the procedure that is most relevant for you. Body cosmetics allows you to gently care for your skin, gives your body slimness, making it flawless, and your skin healthy.

Cosmetics, which our specialists work with, are based on natural ingredients, will gently cleanse your skin, saturate it with necessary substances, make it silky and smooth, keeping the effect for a long time.


Body Wraps:

Treatment Price
Pineapple Cream Mask (warming) 60 min. 470 UAH
Means for active fat burning and weight loss. It has a tonic, disinfecting, anti-aging effect. Improves skin elasticity.
Chocolate Cream Mask (nutrition, hydration) 60 min. 470 UAH
An ideal product for the wrapping. Perfectly nourishes, moisturizes the skin. Combines the wonderful aromatherapy of the chocolate.
With Laminaria and Fucus (active weight loss) 60 min. 470 UAH
It is a powerful remedy for restoring mineral balance, moisturizing and revitalizing the skin, has a lipolytic effect, removes toxins, heavy metals.
Grape Body Cream Mask 60 min. 470 UAH
A product with an unsurpassed toning, rejuvenating effect. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates metabolism.
Alginate Mask with Green Algae for the Bust and Decollete 40 min. 280 UAH
Algae transmit a large number of minerals and proteins to the skin so that the lifting effect is maximized. After applying the mask, the skin becomes smooth, supple, elastic. Wrinkles in the decollete area are smoothed, and there is a visible lifting effect on the bust.



Treatment Price
Gel Scrub with Fucus Extract 40 min. 320 UAH
It provides a very comfortable peeling, does not injure the skin. It moisturizes, softens, stimulates microcirculation, reduces swelling. Contains alginates, algae of the White Sea, fucus extract.
Pineapple Scrub (tonic) 40 min. 320 UAH
Gentle cleansing of the skin. Removes the upper dead cell layer, making the skin fresh and smooth. It contains phospholipids, cape chestnut and grape seed oil, pineapple, guarana extract, and castor oil.
Chocolate Scrub Cream 40 min. 320 UAH
Natural ground coffee in the composition of the scrub deeply, but gently cleanses the skin. It is applied before the Chocolate Wrapping procedure or as a separate procedure. It contains caffeine, fucus extract, and cocoa butter.
Sugar Scrub Cream (ripe grapes) 40 min. 320 UAH
In addition to cleansing, the scrub provides strengthening of the blood-vessel walls, protection from damage by free radicals. It has an antimicrobial effect on acne. It contains grape seed oil and cocoa.

Modern Cosmetology in Truskavets

The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. The high demand for drugs and procedures stimulates specialists in this industry to constantly present new and new developments. Not only women but also men are regular customers of beauty salons and aesthetic medicine clinics. After all, everyone wants to keep young and healthy appearance for a long time.

The purpose of a visit to Truskavets can be not only the treatment of a particular organ or organ system. You can also come to the resort to get in shape, take a course of long-planned procedures. As a result, you will return to work rested and beautiful. And thanks to the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and relax from everyday worries, everyone will notice the result of your treatment.

The Best Cosmetology in the Hotel “Naftusya”

Modern cosmetology in Truskavets is very developed. You will be offered a wide range of modern treatments using innovative techniques and only high-quality products. If you are planning to stay at the hotel “Naftusya”, you will not have to look for a good cosmetologist. After all, a highly professional medical cosmetology is offered to you at the “Mary Cohr” beauty salon. An extensive catalog of services, in which everyone will find the perfect treatment. Cosmetology for the face and body, the possibility of painless body shaping, as well as hands and feet care – all this is available to “Mary Cohr” clients.

Professional cosmetologists and dermatologists provide services in a beauty salon. During the consultation, they will conduct a full analysis of the skin condition and prescribe a number of procedures. An individual approach is chosen for each client since the skin and its condition are different for each patient. And only the correct cosmetology and an individually developed plan of treatment will give the best results.

All procedures are performed on modern equipment using innovative techniques. The staff is constantly improving work methods, introducing proven solutions. At the same time, cosmetology offers affordable prices, fully justified by the quality of the services offered. A complete list of treatments with descriptions and prices is given below. If you are interested in cosmetology – Truskavets and the beauty salon “Mary Cohr” will find the perfect solution for each client.