The restaurant of the hotel “Naftusya” is always ready to please its guests with three meals a day and a la carte dishes to choose from.

We offer dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine.

Nutrition:Cost: adult/child
Three meals a day 220 / 160
Breakfast 70 / 50
Lunch 80 / 60
Dinner 70 / 50

Truskavets: Nutrition as a Significant Component of Treatment

Truskavets is known throughout Ukraine not only for its numerous medical procedures but also for its excellent European service. More and more people come here not only for treatment but also to just have a good time with family or friends. It is interesting both in winter and summer – there is always something to do.

Fortunately, you will be pleased with the choice of numerous cafes and restaurants in the resort. Restaurants of Truskavets will offer you delicious dishes of Ukrainian and world cuisine. Even the most sophisticated gourmet will find the perfect place, where the dishes are prepared according to the requirements.

The Restaurant of the “Naftusya” Hotel – Delicious Food for Everyone

If you are planning to stay at the hotel “Naftusya”, which is located in the heart of Truskavets, there is a cozy restaurant located in the hotel at your disposal. Visitors can choose a complete ration, including three meals a day, or just a breakfast/lunch/dinner. Dishes from the menu are not only delicious but also healthy. After all, everyone knows that the most important component of the entire course of treatment is a balanced diet. Each dish is prepared by the chef with the advice of a nutritionist. But at the same time the food is not plain, but delicious.
The design of the restaurant in the hotel is light and modern. It is nice not only to eat here but to spend time talking. Due to the fact that the hotel is small, there are always free tables.

Truskavets – Nutrition, Varied and Unique

If you prefer to eat in restaurants, you can find a lot of them in Truskavets. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that public catering offers dishes for every taste.
It is worth to highlight Ukrainian cuisine. Western Ukraine is a place where you must try authentic borsch, dumplings, banosh. Here, they are prepared according to authentic recipes, using homemade high-quality products, spicing dishes with love.
Fans of European cuisine will appreciate pizzerias and fish restaurants. The cost of lunch depends on the class of the restaurant. We also recommend trying the barbecue prepared by professionals. But note that fatty and spicy foods adversely affect numerous organs and processes. Therefore, do not abuse it.
Almost all the restaurants of Truskavets are concentrated in the city center, as well as the hotel “Naftusya”. And this is another reason to book a room right now.