Treatment of Gastritis in Truskavets

gastritis treatmentLife-giving mineral springs and the beauty of the Carpathians – a tandem of excellent rest and complete recovery. This is an opportunity to escape from the everyday routine, to find the long-awaited peace and relax, this is non-surgical non-drug treatment and prevention of gastritis, urolithiasis, disorders of all organs and systems.

External and Internal Effects

Treatment of gastritis with mineral waters is recognized by all gastroenterologists of the world. The special composition of organic and salt compounds affects the peristalsis and tone of all organs of the digestive tract, stimulates their motility, relieves inflammation of the gastric and intestinal mucosa.

Treatment in Truskavets is based on drinking mineral water, in particular, cationic bicarbonate “Naftusya”. It is not recommended to start balneological procedures at the stage of exacerbation of ulcers or gastritis. The course is prescribed in complex with anti-relapse therapy.

Patients with gastritis are prescribed the use of water inside (the frequency and volume are determined individually after careful examination of the patient’s history), and a special diet is developed. “Naftusya” is always drunk from the pump-room, no bottles and no movement, because water, when oxidized by air, loses all its utility. In contact with the mucous, oily composition envelops it with a thin film, soothes and relieves pain.

The treatment of gastritis in Truskavets would be incomplete without micro enemas and gastric lavage with mineral water. Patients are also offered a lot of useful procedures: aromatherapy, mineral, carbonic, pearl, pine baths, acupressure, classic massage, hydro-ozone therapy, etc.

Relax All Year Round

If you have been diagnosed with chronic gastritis, the treatment can begin at any time after prior consultation with a specialist. There are many sanatoriums and health resorts in Truskavets, but you can only fully relax in comfortable conditions. These are the rooms that the “Naftusya” hotel offers. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the well room.

Complex approach contributes to the effectiveness of treatment:

  • medical supervision. A specialist after the examination on the modern equipment will determine the need for balneological healing, take into account contraindications, develop a scheme for mineral water intake;
  • treatment regimen in the First resort clinic;
  • special nutrition (development of individual diets);
  • fresh air and unique beauty of the mountain region.