Joints: Symptoms, Treatment, Types of Diseases

joint treatment

Joint diseases or arthritis are a group of diseases when damage, distortion and restriction of joint mobility occurs. They give characteristic symptoms such as pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints. In most cases, they have similar causes and treatments. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but in most of them, only a few are diagnosed. Treat the joint after a complete diagnosis of the disease. The fact that the causes of joint damage are not fully understood complicates their treatment. It is assumed that most of them are autoimmune diseases, that is, those that are the result of autoimmunity.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need to Start a Joint Treatment

As mentioned above, the characteristic symptoms of arthritis are pain, swelling and stiffness (especially in the morning) of the joints, as well as the expansion of their contours. The skin over the affected joint is usually red, may be slightly warmer than other areas. In addition, other organs may also be involved in the arthritis process.

If you feel constant pain in the joints, it is urgent to begin treatment. First of all, consult a doctor. Only after a series of tests, he will be able to diagnose and prescribe a course of treatment. In this case, the treatment of joints will consist of a series of manipulations aimed at efficiency.

Joint Treatment Methods: Prevention and Surgery

As for treatment options, many doctors, first of all, offer prophylaxis, including avoiding prolonged sitting, all kinds of sports, during which joints can be damaged, the weight loss to the desired level. The greater the level of load on the joints, the faster it will be damaged.
You can rehabilitate, take medicine or give intra-articular injections. Surgical treatment can also be carried out, for example, with arthroscopy, joint repair, separation of the articular ends of bones from adhesions, the creation of an endoprosthesis.
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