Healing Properties of Mineral Water “Naftusya”

mineral water Naftusya propertiesNature itself can be the main source of healing. The proof of this is the mineral water of a unique composition, which originated in the depths of the Carpathians. Water “Naftusya” surpasses all the mineral compositions of the world in its uniqueness, it is not possible to repeat its structure by artificial means, it is also impossible to maintain its usefulness in contact with air. It can not be bought in the store or bottled and drunk at a distance from the source – the properties of “Naftusya” can be preserved only at the pump room. It was this water that brought Truskavets worldwide fame.

The Secret in a Special Composition

“Naftusya” properties are the result of the interaction of many components of its structure. Iron, bromine, iodine, sodium, copper, manganese, chlorides, carboxylic acids (unsaturated), oils, amino compounds, free carbonic acid, organic substances – water of petroleum origin is a source of useful trace elements.

The composition of “Naftusya” is suitable for:

  • elimination of inflammatory processes in the tissues of the whole organism and separate organs;
  • normalization of the metabolism and activity of all digestive organs and the gastrointestinal tract;
  • activation of endocrine and nerve cells that regulate the secretion and motility of the liver and other body systems.

“Naftusya” is mineral water with an extensive microflora that can destroy organic substances (bitumens, humus, phenols). This stimulates the sand extraction from the gallbladder and its ducts, kidneys and urinary canals, the elimination and resorption of small stones, their elimination without injury.

Effect of Water

Medicinal properties of “Naftusya” are detoxification, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, an increase in the excretion of bile and urea, a decrease in the residual nitrogen concentration in the circulatory system.

What Goals can Treatment with “Naftusya” Achieve?

  1. Normalize metabolism, including carbohydrate one.
  2. Optimize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, liver cells.
  3. Remove stones and prevent new ones in the kidneys, bile, and ducts.
  4. Boost the immune system (cleanse the body of toxins, slags, radionuclides, prevent oncology).

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