Effective Liver Treatment in Truskavets

treat the liverIn the 21st century, liver disease is considered to be one of the most common. It is also called liver failure. In short, the liver cannot perform its functions with this disease. This can be a consequence of chronic diseases, but sometimes the problem occurs suddenly. What are the causes and symptoms of liver failure? How is the liver treated?

Forms of Liver Disease: Treatment

Before you begin to treat the liver, you need to determine the form of the disease.

  1. Chronic liver failure is a permanent and progressive liver dysfunction, which is a consequence of a chronic disease. This condition is characterized by the appearance of hepatic encephalopathy (dysfunction of the nervous system, which is the result of the appearance of toxins in the body due to damage to the liver) and plasma coagulation disorders. This group mainly includes cirrhosis, chronic persistent hepatitis, chronic lobular hepatitis, lupus hepatitis.
  2. Acute liver failure is a potentially reversible, sudden, permanent, progressive liver dysfunction, characterized by hepatic encephalopathy from 4 to 26 weeks after liver injury and plasma coagulation disorder. The most common causes are chronic alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet, transmission of viral hepatitis, liver cancer. It may also occur as a result of intoxication with drugs or toxins, may be due to fulminant hepatitis B, hepatic vein thrombosis and other liver diseases.

Symptoms and Treatment of Liver

The chronic form of the disease may be asymptomatic. Only when most of this organ is damaged, symptoms of failure appear. Initially, weakness, as well as diseases of the digestive system appear. Then there is jaundice, enlarged liver, swelling around the ankles, varices of the esophagus and anus. Ascites or the fluid in the abdomen usually indicate a high degree of liver failure development.

Effective Liver Treatment

In both forms of the disease, a low protein diet is important (the amount of protein should be no more than 60 g per day). Pharmacological treatment is also used. Such a method of treating the liver as a stay in Truskavets receives good reviews. Liver treatment in the Truskavets resort is one of the main directions. Thanks to specially designed diets, the beneficial effects of mineral waters, highly qualified medical staff, you can count on an excellent result.

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