Beauty Treatment – Vacuum Massage

vacuum massageMany people go to Truskavets not only to improve their health but also to relax and escape from everyday troubles and stresses. It’s so eager to return from the resort rested, full of energy so that everyone noted positive results. For this reason, vacationers, in addition to health treatments, often choose the most diverse procedures from the field of aesthetic medicine. This is especially true for women. Fortunately, in Truskavets, you will be offered different variants of procedures aimed at different problem areas. One of the most popular procedures is the vacuum massage. Surely, many of you have heard about this procedure. If not, then we will tell you about it in more detail.

Vacuum Massage: History, Types, Indications

The procedure is based on the more well-known one – cupping-glasses. In medicine, cupping-glasses are used for a very long time. The first mentions about them were in ancient China and in Rome. The procedure was used to relieve pain and treat numerous diseases. As for the vacuum massage, it appeared around the end of the 20th century. Glass and plastic cupping-glasses are used for the procedure, but in a more modern interpretation, the specialized equipment is used. Of course, the price of the hardware vacuum massage is higher, but you can also expect better results.

There are several types of vacuum massage. The procedure is carried out for the treatment of the body and face. You can choose the following types:

  1. LPG massage and vacuum roller massage. The procedures have a similar effect. The difference between them lies in the use of different hardware. Basically, hardware vacuum massage is used to get rid of cellulite, to remove excess body fat, in the case of edema. The skin in the area of the massage will become more taut and the body acquires attractive curves.
  2. Cupping vacuum body massage. There are also two types: dynamic and acupressure. Massage is aimed at a specific area of the body. Dynamic vacuum massage is used if there is a need for a surge in the lymph nodes, as well as for the treatment of areas that are difficult to access. Acupressure cup massage is used to accelerate the fragmentation of fat cells.
  3. Vacuum massage of the face is also popular. The procedure is aimed at smoothing wrinkles, improving the contour of the face, eliminating puffiness.
  4. Laser-vacuum massage is one of the most effective ways.
  5. A complex combination of vacuum massage and the effects of a cold laser on the problem area. Of course, this procedure is not cheap, but the price is fully justified by its high effectiveness.

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