Treatment and Prevention of Cholelithiasis in Truskavets


A common metabolic disorder is the cause of many diseases. Cholelithiasis is one of the main ones. The fight against this disease is relevant in many countries because a third of the world’s population suffers from the stone formation in the bile and ducts. Wrong lifestyle, unbalanced diet, infection, delayed treatment leads to such a massive spread of the disease.

Cholelithiasis requires complex treatment because it is characterized by a chronic course and periodic exacerbations. It is during this period that many patients begin to take steps to stop the pain and eliminate the symptoms. But the cause of the disease still remains.

It is possible to completely get rid of the disease, and very successfully if you treat gallstone сholelithiasis in Truskavets.

Balneology for General Recovery

The mineral waters of the Pearl of the Carpathian region are famous for their healing properties. Having rested once in Truskavets, the patient is energized for a whole year. Metabolic disorders, problems with the urogenital, endocrine system, cholelithiasis – the treatment without surgery is possible.

Curative mineral waters are useful for people with impaired gallbladder and outflow of bile. Water with a high content of trace elements, dissolved salts, biologically active components improves the flow of bile, prevents further stone formation. For example, “Naftusya” helps to dissolve deposits in the bile ducts, gently removes them, relieves muscle spasm, and has an analgesic effect.

Mineral water “Naftusya” is recognized by many experts as an ideal means of treatment, because it prevents the precipitation of salts in the sediment, the accumulation of sand and the formation of new stones. With regular visits to the balneal resort, cholelithiasis will disappear (symptoms, causes, and effects) without repeated relapses.

What Procedures are Most Effective?

Treatment in Truskavets has more than 120 types of non-surgical procedures that clean the patient’s body from the inside: tubage – tubeless drainage to cleanse the bile ducts, micro enemas, and colonotherapy for irrigation of the intestines, etc. External influence also enhances the effectiveness of treatment: pearl, carbonic, mineral baths, mud wraps, underwater, and circular shower-massage.

Do you want to get treatment of cholelithiasis in Truskavets with maximum comfort? Hotel “Naftusya” please you with the European service.