Cases When Pancreas Treatment in Truskavets is Recommended

pancreas treatmentThe pancreas is a single organ located in the upper abdomen. It is located in the midline of the body and slightly to the left of the spine, between the spine and the stomach. The pancreas also adjoins the spleen and duodenum, to which the organ duct passes.

Pancreatic Disease: Treatment

Due to the specific functions, diseases of the pancreas can relate to its endocrine, exocrine parts, or both. Diseases associated with the entire organ, occur due to chronic disorders of exocrine function, which affects the development of endocrine dysfunction, and not vice versa.

Before prescribing treatment of the pancreas, it is necessary to determine the nature of the disease. Only after conducting a series of studies, having studied in detail the results of the tests, the attending physician can prescribe what treatment the pancreas will have.

Pancreas: Symptoms and Treatment of Different Types of the Disease

Acute Pancreatitis

It is a disease that develops in an unchanged organ. The immediate cause is the premature activation of proteolytic enzymes in the cells, which leads to the digestion of proteins.

First of all – to eliminate the factors that caused acute pancreatitis. If necessary, analgesics, compensation of body fluids and compensation of electrolyte deficiency are used. It is important to review the menu. It should consist of low-fat, easily digestible food.

Chronic Pancreatitis

The chronic inflammatory process leading to progressive, irreversible destruction of the organ and its external and endocrine insufficiency. Forms of treatment:

  • In the chronic form, it is necessary to completely give up alcohol and smoking. You should follow a high-calorie and high-protein diet. Food needs to be taken often, but in small amounts, which facilitates the work of the pancreas. The menu should consist of low-fat dishes.
  • Treatment of the pancreas with pharmacological drugs is based on the use of painkillers, pancreatic enzymes that promote digestion of food.
  • Surgical intervention is used when other methods are not effective and do not lead to an improving the patient’s condition.
  • Also, in case of a chronic form of the disease, doctors strongly recommend a sanatorium and resort stay in Truskavets. Drinking mineral water, keeping a sparing diet – these are the main methods used here.

Mini-hotel “Naftusya” is located in the very center of the resort, a five-minute walk from the pump room. There are many medical facilities nearby, where you can get diagnosed, consult a doctor and treat the pancreas.