Price List for Hotel Health Services

Procedure Duration, min. Price, UAH
Underwater Massage Shower 15-20 180
Mineral Pearl Bath 15 130
Pearl Bath with Needles Concentrate 15 135
Pearl Bath with Perozon Valerian 15 135
Pearl Bath with Perozon Rosemary 15 135
Pearl Bath with Bischofite 15 135
Alkaline, Herbal Inhalation 5 35
Herbal Inhalation 5 40
Magnetic Therapy 20 55
Darsonval Therapy 5-10 40
Tubus Quartz Therapy 1-3 40
Green Clay Applications “Glauconite” 20 55
Glauconite Clay Face Mask 20 55
Herbal Micro Enema 55
Finnish Sauna and Pool Services
Finnish Sauna-Pool for non-hotel guests (per person) 60 200
Finnish Sauna-Pool for personal use (per room) 60 200
Manual Massage Services
Full Body Massage 60 350
Back Massage 30 175
Neck and Shoulder Massage 20 140
Foot Massage 30 175
Anticellulite Massage 60 280

Therapeutic Procedures in Truskavets: Everything You Need to Know

It is no secret that Truskavets is the most important health center of Ukraine. People come here not only from all parts of our country but also from the countries of near and far abroad. From the time when the healing properties of mineral waters were proven, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people visited the resort. There are about 70 resort and medical institutions operating in the city, which offer therapeutic procedures in different directions. The treatment brings high results due to the favorable effects of climatic conditions. Not too hot summer and moderately cold winter are easily and comfortably tolerated by a human. Fresh air deserves special attention. The more time you spend outside, the more effective the treatment and health procedures will be. Everyone who goes to Truskavets should understand that only by correctly combining the intake of mineral waters, the prescribed procedures and an active lifestyle, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

And, if everything is clear with water intake and walks, then the numerous types of medical procedures offered in Truskavets need to be studied in more detail. The procedures thatTruskavets offer:

  1. Mineral water baths. This is one of the basic procedures that has undergone a number of updates since the opening of the resort. Today, the procedure is carried out on the ultra-modern equipment, a wide range of baths is offered, each of which is aimed at a specific goal. Thanks to therapeutic baths, it is possible to remove toxins, increase vitality, and improve the overall well-being. You are offered mineral-pearl and pearl baths with different flavors in the hotel “Naftusya”.
  2. Water treatments in the form of a shower. They are used to improve blood circulation, improve muscle tone, in the course of treatment for obesity, as well as for body shaping. Conducting therapeutic procedures in the form of a shower is one or more jets of water that are directed to specific areas of the body.
  3. Intestinal lavage and micro enemas. They are carried out for diseases of gastritis, ulcers, colitis, liver problems, prostatitis.
  4. Therapeutic procedures aimed at the treatment of gynecological diseases and infertility.

These and a number of other procedures will be offered to you in Truskavets. But, remember that only a complex of medical procedures and the correct implementation of all the doctor’s recommendations will give really good results.